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Hi there, I will develop a unique and bug-free top-level NFT website for you: NFT minting website, smart contract and web 3 integration Service Includes: NFT minting functionality Smart contract development (erc721, erc721a, erc1155) Listing on Opensea and Rarible Connect wallet functionality NFT metadata generation ( art is provided by you ) NFT metadata upload to IPFS Whitelist/Presale using merkle tree technology Ability to mint directly with credit card Blockchains: Solana Ethereum Polygon Binance Smart Chain Avalanche Website Frontend: React JS / Next JS Some reviews: "By far one of the best developers, I have come across and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect for our launch. Great communication and a will to do things the right way. Will definitely be using again and HIGHY RECCOMEND!" "It's my second time ordering from him I needed a front page for my website this time and Josiah did a stellar job with the UI and coding. If you're looking for a detail-oriented dev who knows what he's doing, this is definitely the place to go." "He did an amazing job for us, I can highly recommend him! He explained us everything and everything worked as described! If you search someone for your NFT project, do it with him!"


Телосложение: худые/тощие

Ориентация: гетеро

Пол: мужчина

Вредные привычки: не пью, курю

Место встречи: есть место

Семейное положение: вдовец (Вдова)

Цвет волос: Рыжая

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